What is a PlugIn ???

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This package is designed to be used with Internet Explorer,
Version 5.5 or later.

To be effective it needs a minimum screen resolution of
1024 x 768 pixels

It needs to be maximised
you might like to try pressing the 'F11' key on your keyboard.

You need to have a very FAST connection to the Internet (sometimes known as Broadband) because the Map is a very big file.
With a SLOW connection to the Internet (sometimes called a DialUp connection), it would take a very long time to copy the file to your PC.

You need to have the SVG PlugIn installed
If you do not have a copy of the logo shown below, it is not installed !!
Click here to Install it
If you are given the choice of 'Open' - or - 'Save', then choose 'Open'

You can download directly from Adobe for Windows 98 upwards